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Librarian Day in the Life #2

Today I was back in code enforcement answering phones, so rather than trying to explain all the intricacies of working in a city department dealing primarily in flood reconstruction, here's a list of the calls I answered today, and the things I did between calls to keep busy.

We had some more new people in to work today, and apparently the temps who have been working in this office since the flood are apparently being let go, likely so city departments that need to find jobs for their employees have some place to send them.
Talked to one of the volunteer coordinators to dispel the myth that flood victims will be fined for not mowing their lawns (I know the city's reputation isn't great, but I can't believe people would think we're that petty).
a couple from Czech Village wanted to know if it was worth rebuilding their house because they heard a rumor that their whole neighborhood was going to become a park. Since it sounded like their house wasn't terribly damage…

Librarian Day in the Life Day 1

I decided that with the unique circumstances in Cedar Rapids right now, this just might be the best time to record my daily activities for the week, so that I can have a record of at least part of this hectic time, and so that everyone out there can have an idea what's going on in our city. I, like several library employees have been helping out other city departments as we recover from the catastrophic flood in June. Throughout this experience we have received numerous compliments about our helpfulness, which has given us something to get excited about, even if it will be at least a year before we're back into our main library building again.

Today I'm working for the City Code Enforcement office on their customer service phone line. In the weeks since the flood I've spent a few days in the Code Enforcement office working on and off on the phone line, doing random tasks, and filling in for the electricians' secretary (another displaced library worker) on her day …