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Loose Ends

I feel terrible that I, yet again, started but didn't finish a Library Day In the Life week. So I'm going to get back to the latest one and sum things up a little.

Health issues were still affecting both my husband and me, so I did more reading while sitting in waiting rooms, mainly G. Kim Dority's Rethinking Information Work, plus catching up on some blogs. I really do want to be a public library person until they drag me kicking and screaming from the library, but I've done a variety of things with my library education and so there's no reason to not keep my options open while job hunting. Sometimes I forget just how many skills I have and if nothing else, it's like getting a little pep talk.

I also checked out a couple webinars. Because it was Anti-Bullying Week, School Library Journal sponsored a Battling Bullying Webinar with popular children's author James Howe as the keynote. I was really surprised to hear about his fight against bullying on behalf o…