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Friday Reads - the hyperlinked edition

I happened to finish several books this week, and they were all worth mentioning.

The New York Regional Mormon Single's Halloween Dance by Elna Baker, is a memoir of a 20-something Mormon in New York City. The two big themes to her story are that she used to be fat and she's still a virgin even in her late twenties. This isn't a perfect memoir, but anyone who's struggled with trying to live by the rules you grew up with even after you leave the place you grew up will appreciate Elna's dilemmas. Plus, she's pretty funny.

Runaway Bride Returns! by Christie Ridgeway is a Silhouette Special Edition about a firefighter and a librarian who marry in Vegas, only to have the librarian run out on him the next morning. I picked this one up for the librarian heroine, and while I enjoyed it, there wasn't anything extra special about it.

Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell - If you haven't gone to Smart Bitches Trashy Book…