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Reading Resolutions for 2009

I know this is a little late, but I already posted my New Year's resolution on my personal blog, completely neglecting to make any mention of reading goals for the year.  Why wouldn't someone in a profession like mine, where, among other things, you help patrons find books to read,  make some sort of reading goals the next year. 
The Seattle Public Library has a few suggestions for those of you looking to make reading resolutions for 2009.
Personally, I'm going to try to finish a few of the numerous series I've started in previous years, only to get distracted before finding out how they end.  Now I can finally find out what happens to that golden compass and whether or not Harry Dresden is allowed to continue keeping the forces of magic in check, among others.

I'm Back ... and Hopefully For Good

Sorry it's been so long. Part of the reason I've been updating so infrequently here, is because I have another blog (mainly for book reviews) where I occasionally post things that would probably work better here. So for now, I'm going to keep book reviews over there, and try to put everything else library-related here.

New site for the day is Reading Trails. I love grouping books together, so I'm really having to restrain myself to keep from staying up all night posting as many trails as possible. If you decide to join, feel free to friend me.