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SW Suburban Libraries Leave Prairie Cat to Form Pinnacle

I recently moved and haven't had time to check out my new local library in person yet, but I've seen in the news that they are going through a lot of changes. Fountaindale, Joliet, Lemont, Plainfield, Shorewood-Troy, and White Oak library districts are leaving the PrairieCat Consortium, which spans most of the width of northern Illinois and parts of eastern Iowa, to form their own smaller, leaner Pinnacle Library Cooperative.

Patrons, understandably, are upset because they assume that they are losing access to a wealth of resources from the other PrairieCat libraries. The understanding I have from the new Pinnacle libraries, however, is that they were feeling overburdened from requests from all the other PrairieCat libraries because Pinnacle libraries have bigger, more diverse collections than most PrairieCat libraries.  So it's more likely that PrairieCat libraries will miss easy access to Pinnacle items than the other way around.

Also, Pinnacle patrons will still be able…