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A to Z Bookish Survey

Since I started my new job I really haven't had much time to post here, which is funny, because I've been doing so much learning and growing and thinking about librarianship as I fit into my new role that I could write almost endlessly, but that's also probably why I haven't had any time to get my thoughts in order. Anyway, to keep the old blog going, I thought I'd do one of these old-school survey things that I found over at A Patchwork of Books (and it looks like she got the idea from The Perpetual Page Turner, who looks like someone I should also be following, but really, am I even able to pay that much attention to the people I already follow?) .

Author you've read the most books from:  sheer number is probably Ann M. Martin, since I read most of the over 100 Babysitter's Club books back in the day. I am well aware that you can skip Chapter 2.
Best sequel ever: I tend to think of books in a series as all stuck together, so it's really hard for me to t…